iOS App Store Boasts 700K Apps, 90% Downloaded Every Month

As usual, Apple took time today in the spotlight to talk about how awesome it is. Since this is a mobile-focused event, that’s the angle they chose to highlight, and the numbers around iPhone and iPad software were particularly impressive, starting with another App Store library milestone.

The App Store now plays host to 700,000 apps, (with 250,000 specifically for iPad) an increase of 10,000 from June, and 90 percent of App Store’s apps are downloaded every month, and customers use more than 100 on average.

That marketplace services 400 million iOS devices, the number sold through June of this year.

Amazon played up its ecosystem at its press event detailing new Kindles last week, and this is a return volley. And a nice one, at that, delivering the message that when it comes to apps, Apple’s got the right formula while others are still looking for a way to somehow play catch-up.

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