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Google’s Nest Cams and Doorbell get a refresh

Yesterday’s leak didn’t leave much to the imagination. And today’s big Nest reveal confirms pretty much everything we saw — which is precisely what happens when Google’s the one doing the le

Google is lowering Nest camera quality ‘to conserve internet resources’

If you’re looking at footage from your Nest Cam and the quality seems a bit lower than normal: it’s not your eyes. In an email to users, Google says it is temporarily lowering the video qu

Nest Cams now know what a door looks like and can monitor them automatically

Nest is shipping a new build of the Nest app this morning, and it comes with a few new tricks. Most notably, they’re bubbling up some more computer vision smarts. With this update, Nest Aware (the c

Nest Cam Embodies Stale Innovation In “Connected Home” Space

After years of hype and unfulfilled promises, the concept of the smart home looks to be losing the attention of consumers. This is due in no small part to the lackluster innovation emerging from maj