After Baidu tie-up, BMW taps Tencent for autonomous driving in China

China is BMW’s largest market, and the German automaker knows in order to capture the country’s demanding consumers, its future models must support robust autonomous driving capability. Bu

Here and Naver Labs ink robotics deal to map indoor spaces

Your trip through the airport or train station may soon become a little more crowded — not with people, but with robots, busily scanning and plotting the space so that one day, even more of thei

Intel and Mobileye partner with China’s SAIC on self-driving

Intel is making strides with its China business in the automotive and autonomous driving industry, with new partnerships announced today at CES 2018 with Chinese automaker SAIC, and also with the lead

Tencent To Buy 11.3% Stake In Mapping Company NavInfo For $187M

Tencent, one of China's largest Internet companies, will spend 1.17 billion yuan, or $187 million for a 11.3% stake in NavInfo, one of the country's largest mapping companies. Best known abroad as the