• What Games Are: The Multiplayer Singularity Crunch Network

    What Games Are: The Multiplayer Singularity

    There’s a tendency in game design circles to think of the potential of games as being wrapped up in some great leap. When we have the breakthrough technology that somehow tells stories for example, or the game/life crossover that makes games meaningful in the everyday. What if that singularity moment, however, is something much simpler? Read More

  • What Games Are: Here Come “Local” Mobile Games

    What Games Are: Here Come “Local” Mobile Games

    While the single- and parallel-game types have streaked ahead on mobile platforms, multiplayer games has been more tentative. Particular “local” multiplayer games, of the kind that you play with friends in a location like a pub. However with the arrival of a little game called Spaceteam, I think that may be about to change. Read More

  • Nextpeer Lets Mobile Developers Turn Single-Player Games Into Multi-Player Games

    Nextpeer Lets Mobile Developers Turn Single-Player Games Into Multi-Player Games

    Nextpeer is a newly launched mobile developer toolkit that lets game developers quickly and easily add multi-player gaming to their single-player games. With Nextpeer’s tournament and social SDK (software development kit), developers can add customizable features that enable their game’s users join real-time, social tournaments where they compete against other users for top scores… Read More

  • Unreal Tournament co-developer will develop BioShock 2 multiplayer mode (multiplayer mode?!)

    Did any of you say to yourself, “You know, BioShock is great and all, but I could really used a tacked-on multiplayer mode to insure that I still say good things about it several years after its release”? Doesn’t matter, because the first details of BioShock 2‘s multiplayer mode have just showed up in our inbox. The good news: Unreal Tournament developer (well… Read More

  • PSP gettin' new online features

    The current generation of console hardware ushered in a major shift in online gaming – especially the PS3 and 360. Though the rabids will argue to death on which offers a better online experience, both consoles brought amazing online multiplayer and content distribution to the table. Sure, sure – computers have had such perks for a long while, but never before have things been… Read More

  • GTAIV will be multiplayer on every platform

    [photopress:gtaiv.jpg,full,center] GTAIV is one of the most anticipated games of 2008, no doubt, so any news is important, but this is just rad on so many levels. According to Rockstar, ya know, the guys making the game, every platforms’ version of the game will be multiplayer capable. We’re not sure what kind of content the multiplayer version will have, but it definitely sounds… Read More

  • Skype To Offer Gaming Connectivity

    Skype has announced that it will be offering a software developer’s kit (SDK) for its new GameXN framework. The plan is for Skype users to be able to invite one another into online games. No word yet on if Skype plans on allowing users to communicate via VoIP during the game, but I’d imagine it’s in the works. Windows Live Messenger already has some similar features, but a lot… Read More

  • Quake III: Team Arena Coming To XBL?

    According to, a quick query on the ESRB website reveals that Quake III: Team Arena is listed as an Xbox 360 title. Most of us know that Q3TA was originally released years ago on the PC, so either this game is showing up a few years too late or it’ll be released as an Xbox Live Arcade title. We’re going to go with the latter. No release date is posted on the ESRB… Read More

  • Wii Multiplayer In Q2 2007

    Nintendo of America’s top guy Reggie Fils-Aime stated in an interview that online Wii gaming won’t be available until Q2 2007. He implied that the first of the multiplayer enabled games will start to drop in March and that there should be something of an onslaught following that. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Six months after launch seems like a particularly… Read More