• Actually, AOL Didn't Ask Us To 'Tone It Down' – Moviefone Did. And Their Editor-In-Chief Should Be Fired

    “AOL Asks Us If We Can Tone It Down” screamed Alexia Tsotsis’ headline on TechCrunch earlier today. And, as someone who has been just waiting for our new corporate paymasters to pull a stupid stunt like this, I really thought Christmas had come early. I knew it! All that talk of Aol respecting our editorial independence and now they’re emailing Alexia and asking her… Read More

  • Hello, And Welcome To Moviefone. Now Leave And Try ShowtimeFu.

    At one time, Moviefone was the hottest way to find movie showtimes. It was so hot in the 90s that Seinfeld even made fun of it in an episode (embed below). Sadly, now run by AOL, its website is a cluttered mess. I don’t know about you, but when I visit it, I expect to find a way to easily find movie showtimes. I don’t care about the latest celebrity gossip, nor do I want to see… Read More