Motion Sensing

Real-time motion capture system from Disney Research uses as few sensors as possible

Serious motion capture setups often involve dozens of optical markers, inertial sensors or both, making them a pain to set up and tear down, and producing a ton of data. This Disney Research project p

Apple Patents An iOS Interface That Adapts To Movement And 3D Video Editing

Apple has a couple of new patents granted by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider), one of which deals with improving its mobile software for uses particular to how we interact with mobile devices. It de

The CamBoard Pico Wants To Take On Leap Motion, Offers Full Depth Gesture Control In A Smaller Package

Gesture control is heating up, with a host of new entries finally following Microsoft's example with the Kinect, including Leap Motion and MYO. A German company called pmdtechnologies has also been in

‘Mini-Motion’ games with tiny controllers coming

Ah, the holidays are coming and some companies are sparing no time in getting their products in front of those of us you with disposable income. Case in point, Aptus Games, a player in the motion-gami

Video: iPhone's motion sensor used to demo future gameplay methods

Since the day I got my iPod Touch, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that the iPhone and the Touch are going to become great gaming platforms. Multi-touch aside, the accelerometer is

The Wave: 480 motion-sensing LEDs in a table, just for fun

[photopress:LED_Table.jpg,full,left]Sure, it’s no Microsoft’s Surface, but it’s pretty cool anyway. Using an array of infrared sensors and a CPU, the LED table tracks motion and acti

Motion sensing bike lock encourages thieves to steal cars instead

The University of Portsmouth has just unveiled a $13,000 system to help protect your crappy bike. Obviously, a bike is hard enough to replace to warrant such an extravagant security measure. The syste

Top Five PSP Mods That Don't Involve Throwing It Out

Check your calendar. Yes, it’s a Friday, also known as “we need a list of something”-day on the Web. Today’s, care of TechEBlog (they’re good at these lists), is the Top

Xilt Controller Mod Gives Xbox 360 Wii-like Controls, Superpowers

Before the end of the month you should be able to add Wiimote-like motion-sensing to the Xbox 360’s controller called Xilt. It’s a mod that’s said to install in as little as 10 minut