Mortal Kombat

  • Mortal Kombat Tournament Hits Las Vegas May 15

    Presumably not too many of you are sitting here watching Fernando Torres do his best impression of a footballer, but I’ll leave that alone until tomorrow. In the meantime, and having nothing at all to do with Chelsea Football Club, the Champions League, or Mr. Torres, there’s word of a big Mortal Kombat tournament that will take place at Bally’s in Las Vegas on May 15 and May 16. Read More

  • Banned: Mortal Kombat Re-Boot Refused Classification In Australia

    Australia’s Classification Review Board has refused to rate the upcoming Mortal Kombat re-boot. Without a rating, the game cannot be sold there, ie, the game is effectively banned down under. Read More

  • Performance Designed Products' Mortal Kombat Fight Stick: For Fighting

    The big Mortal Kombat re-boot lands on April 19 for the 360 and PS3. You mauve have already known that. But did you also know that Performance Designed Products has created a fancy fight stick to go alongside the game? It’s called the Mortal Kombat Fight Stick—that’s easy enough to remember—and it’ll be used in the big Mortal Kombat tournament in Las Vegas in May Read More

  • Mortal Kombat Brings It With The Kollector's Edition

    Looking forward to the next version of Mortal Kombat? Well, some people must be because Game Stop just added information about the Tournament Edition of the classic fighting game. Get ready to pull out some spines, because it’s quite the setup. Read More

  • The latest movie franchise to be rebooted? Mortal Kombat. Yikes.

    Does the world need another Mortal Kombat movie? No, probably not, but that won’t stop Hollywood from attempting to exploit a license that was last hot in 1994. Word on the street is that Warner Bros. wants to, yes, “reboot” the series. (Note: You cannot reboot a dead computer, so I don’t know if it’s possible to reboot a dead movie franchise.) To that end it… Read More

  • Scorpion actor confirms third Mortal Kombat movie in the works

    Well this is a sentence I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. There will be a third Mortal Kombat movie. So confirmed the actor who played Scorpion in both Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Read More

  • If you want to see the Joker's real fatality move in MK vs DC then go to Europe

    Let me preface by saying that kids shouldn’t be playing video games as much as they do, but parents don’t seem to care and they end seeing far worse things on their Xbox or PS3 then they do on the news or in the movies. Assuming their pudgy bodies are capable of lifting said pudgy bodies off the couch to get the remote. I remember a time when kids would play in the street with… Read More

  • MK vs DC dated for NA, Europe

    I still don’t understand this mishmash between the gaming world and comic book world, but I guess someone had to do it. Midway has just announced that Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe will hit store shelves in North America on the 16th of November with a European launch on the 21st. I guess the John Tobias sketched DC Comic chronicling the events leading up to this historic event might be… Read More

  • Video: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Kollector's Edition cover revealed

    Alex Ross is living the dream, man. The comic book geek dream that is, which is why Midway tapped him to create the cover for the Kollector’s Edition of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Watch the video to see how he went about hand painting the whole thing. The KE will also come with a removable print and bonus video content. Hit the jump to see the finished product. Read More

  • Mortal Kombat: Kollection ships: Three games for $30

    So, who still likes Mortal Kombat? Bless your heart, then, for a new three-game collection has shipped to stores nationwide. It’s called Mortal Kombat: Kollection, and it includes 2004’s Mortal Kombat: Deception, 2005’s Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks and 2006’s Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. It’s for the PS2, as you can plainly see right there. In truth, none of these… Read More

  • Flash: Mortal Kombat 9 will be bloody, violent

    The fine gents over at Kotaku spoke to Ed Boon, the Godfather of the Mortal Kombat series, who says that the next game in the series, Mortal Kombat 9, will be bloodier, more violent, and more Mortal Kombat than ever before. In other words, it’s the Mortal Kombat you fell in love with, all those years ago. Can we all agree that MKII was the bestt? It all sorta fell apart from there… Read More

  • Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe trailer A few months ago, it was percolating around the net that the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe would have “little to no blood and no fatalities.” I can’t speak to the lack of fatalities based on the above trailer, but it does appear that there’s a fair amount of bloodletting. via Read More

  • Video: Sub-Zero vs Batman

    What do you guys think? Hit or miss? Check here for more details. Thanks for sending this in, Scott. Read More

  • Mortal Kombat vs. DC has no blood or fatalities, to be renamed Playskool Kombat

    Apparently the latest entry in the venerable Mortal Kombat series will feature “little to no blood” and no fatalities, according to one of the developers. Now, I understand they don’t want you punching Batman so hard he explodes, but in that case why did they put Batman in a Mortal Kombat game? Why not Street Fighter vs. DC? That seems a bit more appropriate. Well, since… Read More

  • What is Midway up to?

    Remember last month I informed you all that a new “Mortal Kombat” title was coming? Well, I think something big is going to be announced on April 17th a 3PM EST. Why? Because Midway has registered noob dot com and I’m led to believe that something MK-ish will come of it. Why else would the dragon be the dot? Read More

  • Midway reveals new Mortal Kombat is on the way

    Capcom is set to release Street Fighter IV soon, but does anyone remember another arcade fighter from the same era? “Get over here!” Ring any bells? Well, Midway has revealed that a new Mortal Kombat title is coming this year! I remember playing on the PC and it was darn fun. I pwnd everyone with Sub-Zero and had many a flawless victory. Details are extremely limited on this one… Read More

  • "Mortal Kombat" teens fatality 7-year-old

    Two Colorado teens have been charged in the murder of a 7-year-old girl. According to a witness, Lamar Roberts, 17, and Heather Trujillo, 16, were reportedly imitating moves from “Mortal Kombat” on the victim. The teens were babysitting the child, Trujillo’s half-sister Zoe, while her mother was at work. Zoe is said to have told the teens to stop before losing consciousness… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Franchise Favorites

    It’s easy with games to complain that there are few original ideas; everything just seems to be a rehash of the same old titles we’ve been playing for years. But then sometimes an old game re-envisioned for a new platform is more original than anything else out there. And sometimes a retelling of an old classic seems more innovative than everything else we’re seeing. While… Read More

  • How To Pull Off Mortal Kombat Fatalities With the Wii Controller: Funsies

    There’s a veritable dearth of gaming news here today—let’s fix that. Mortal Kombat Armageddon just came out for the Nintendo Wii. The Wii controller (are we no longer allowed to say “Wiimote”?) is used to pull off all the special moves, fatalities included. Midway just published the full list of all the jukes and jives you need to do to lop off your… Read More

  • Game Content Under the Microscope: ESRB Ratings

    This week we’re examining the issues of video game violence and content in a multi-part series of interviews with industry insiders. And this is a tricky subject, because what might offend one individual won’t cause another to even blink. Content that might be fine for one gamer may truly disturb another. This is where the ratings were suppose to clear things up. Today, all major… Read More