• Mobile Game Publisher MoMinis Raises $6M More

    Mobile Game Publisher MoMinis Raises $6M More

    MoMinis, an Android game publisher headquartered in Tel Aviv, has raised $6 million in new funding. In addition to providing free development tools and financing development for some premium partners, MoMinis also runs PlayScape, a virtual environment where gamers can check out different titles and developers can promote their games. The company says it currently reaches 35 million users… Read More

  • Mo'Minis Finds Mo Money For Mo Games

    Mo’Minis, an Israeli-based startup that provides developers a platform to create mobile games and entertainment applications, has secured $1.5 million in Series A funding from BRM Capital. The company says that the funding will be used to improve the current development platform, strengthen its community of developers and close strategic partnerships with distributors operating… Read More