Mobile Game Publisher MoMinis Raises $6M More

MoMinis, an Android game publisher headquartered in Tel Aviv, has raised $6 million in new funding.

In addition to providing free development tools and financing development for some premium partners, MoMinis also runs PlayScape, a virtual environment where gamers can check out different titles and developers can promote their games. The company says it currently reaches 35 million users, including 5.5 million actives and 1 million daily actives, with 100 MoMinis games planned and in development.

To illustrate the platform’s power, CEO Itzik Frid described a New York game developer that previously worked with a leading publisher but received fewer than 10,000 downloads. However, when it partnered with MoMinis, the game saw more than 1 million downloads in a month. Frid also pointed out that MoMinis has been highlighted as a top developer on Google Play — something you can see for yourself in all of its game listings.

The new funding comes on the heels of a $4.5 million round earlier this year, bringing MoMinis’ total funding to $15.4 million, including more than $10 million this year alone. Gemini Israel Ventures led the funding, and Frid said the round is still open.

Why all the fundraising? Frid said it’s because the company is just growing so quickly, and that he’ll use the money to expand the team, move to other platforms like iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Facebook, and to add new revenue channels.