mobile robots

  • Viral video: Robot 1 – Human 0

    An anonymous robot otaku from Japan has created a video that shows a mini desk robot battling it out against a human. The human wants to switch it on, but the robot just won’t let him. Read More

  • Telepresence Robot has no arms to harass people with

    Anybots new robot, the QA can be controlled remotely over Wi-Fi and 3G. So you can use the robot as an interface to communicate with people. This way you don’t need to go near them. Not any more. Read More

  • PatrolBot brings you your beer, warns of intruders

    Robots are completely useless you train them to do you bidding, making Mobile Robots’ PatrolBot entirely useful. There’s three models to choose from: Jeeves, a robotic butler (a robotic table top essentially); BrewskiBot, a refrigerator for cold beverages; and Agent 007, a toy-like intruder detection system. The PatrolBot has some impressive technology under the hood. You’re… Read More