Telepresence Robot has no arms to harass people with

qa_2Anybots new robot, the QA can be controlled remotely over Wi-Fi and 3G. So you can use the robot as an interface to communicate with people. Sometimes I have to run to the shop and I don’t want to go near humans. The QA could almost do the trick but unfortunately – since it has no hands – it’s hard to shoplift with it. Being lighter then it’s predecessor, it can speed up to 6 MPH.

Click here for the website.

Technical Specifications

  • Batteries: rechargeable Li ion, 4-6 hours of operation
  • Connectivity: 802.11g wireless (optional 3G cellular)
  • Cameras: two 5 MP color, with ir illuminator
  • Video: 20 FPS @ 640×480 (depending on network)
  • Audio: full duplex, high fidelity
  • Display: 7 inch (18 cm) color LCD in chest
  • Laser pointer: green 10 mW, points and draws shapes
  • Navigation: LIDAR, 5.5 yard (5 meter) range
  • Speed: up to 6 MPH (10 km/h)
  • Wheels: two 12 inch (30 cm) diameter rubber
  • Height: 5 foot (152 cm) standing, 2 foot (61 cm) bending
  • Weight: 30 pounds (14 kg)
  • Client software: PC and Mac compatible

[Via Sam’s blog]