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Lyca Mobile blames cyberattack for network disruption

U.K.-based mobile virtual network provider giant Lyca Mobile has confirmed a cyberattack that caused service disruption for millions of its customers. Lyca Mobile claims to be the world’s largest in

European risk report flags 5G security challenges

European Union Member States have published a joint risk assessment report into 5G technology which highlights increased security risks that will require a new approach to securing telecoms infrastruc

Ericsson software problem has been causing widespread cell phone outages

A problem with the software in Ericsson equipment is causing outages across the world, including O2 users in Great Britain and SoftBank users in Japan, according to a report in the Financial Times ear

OpenSignal, which taps sensors on 100M smartphones to monitor network speed, raises $8M

The world is awash in data, and while OpenSignal, a startup based out of London that’s probably best known for its mobile network speed reports  — which it compiles by tapping sensors fro

Nokia Acquisition Talks With Alcatel-Lucent Could Be About 5G

Nokia confirmed today it was in talks to buy Alcatel-Lucent and the underlying reason just might be the latter’s 5G patent stash. When I was at Mobile World Congress last month, there were sever

Apple Continues Lead In 3G Mobile Data Use, With iPads The First Tablets To Break Into The Top 10, Says Actix

Android has convincingly overtaken Apple as the most popular OS in the smartphone industry both in terms of sales and overall penetration. But when it comes to how much wireless devices are actually u

Raspberry Pi Used To Replace A 30-Foot GSM Base Station And Create A Working Mobile Network

A Cambridge, U.K.-based consulting firm has managed to use the open source Raspberry Pi computer to replicate the functions normally performed by a 30-foot GSM cellular basestation to create a fully f

Sprint Reportedly In Talks To Acquire Remaining 49 Percent Of Clearwire, Along With Spectrum Rights

Sprint is said to be in talks to gobble up the remaining 49 percent of Clearwire it doesn't already own, according to new reports from CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. The deal is meant to sort out i