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No pan-EU Huawei ban as Commission endorses 5G risk mitigation plan

The European Commission has endorsed a risk mitigation approach to managing 5G rollouts across the bloc — meaning there will be no pan-EU ban on Huawei. Rather it’s calling for Member Stat

UK carriers warn over ongoing Huawei 5G uncertainty: Report

UK mobile network operators have drafted a letter urging the government for greater clarity on Chinese tech giant Huawei’s involvement in domestic 5G infrastructure, according to a report by the

JDSU Buys Arieso For $85M In Cash To Boost Its Mobile Network Business

This morning, <a target="_blank" href="">JDSU</a>, a specialist in optical networking software, announced that it would pay $85 million in cash to acquire <a t

Mobile Network Revenues To Push $1 Trillion By 2016, But Facing ‘Nightmare’ Scenario

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