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  • U.K. Ad-Funded Mobile Broadband Startup, Samba Mobile, Raises Sub-£1M In Second Angel Round

    U.K. Ad-Funded Mobile Broadband Startup, Samba Mobile, Raises Sub-£1M In Second Angel Round

    Samba Mobile, a UK startup founded in 2010 which incentivises ad-watching by offering free 3G mobile broadband for desktop PC, laptop and tablet users in exchange for watching video adverts, has raised just shy of £1m — £929,000 — in equity capital in its second round of angel investment. Read More

  • Ericsson's Bergendahl: Wi-Fi's days are numbered

    [photopress:johan_bergendahl_eri_19721c_1.jpg,full,left]Ericsson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Johan Bergendahl, said earlier today that he believes wireless broadband, known here as 3G, WiMAX, or a variety of other acronyms, will soon replace Wi-Fi as the de-facto wireless standard. And he’s right. Laptops are outselling desktops at a decent clip, and handsets are getting more and… Read More

  • Qwest Now Offering EV-DO Service

    Qwest users can now get some decent wireless Internet on the go. Using Sprint’s EV-DO Revision A network, Qwest is offering users over-priced wireless mobile broadband plans. For $69.99, you can get a paltry 500MB of data a month. According to the report, Qwest will offer a 600MB plan and an unlimited plan as well, which makes no sense considering that 500MB and 600MB aren’t that… Read More

  • Google and Microsoft Working on Wireless Device?

    , we receive info that Microsoft is working in conjunction with Google, Dell, HP, Intel and Philips. A report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggests that the companies plan to submit a new will soon submit a prototype device to U.S. regulators for testing. The report goes on to claim that MS will be developing the prototype and the rest of the coalition’s involvement remains… Read More

  • Cingular HSDPA to Get Effing Fast, 7.2Mbps fast

    A representative for Qualcomm stated recently that Cingular would be launching 7.2Mbps HSDPA in January. This purported bandwidth leap is nearly double the speed of current HSDPA, which tops out at 3.6Mbps, and about half the speed of HSDPA’s theoretical tops of 14.4Mbps. As the proud owner of a Samsung Blackjack, an HSDPA equipped device, I’m rather elated to the HSDPA… Read More