• TweetMixx Gets A Last Minute Stir As It Readies For Public Consumption

    Back in July, we wrote about TweetMixx, the new service from social voting site Mixx that allows you find relevant links on Twitter. Starting tomorrow, the service will be opened up to the public. And in anticipation of that, the service got a last-minute revamp this weekend to make sure it’s ready.The results are good, but there’s still a question of if TweetMixx can take off in… Read More

  • Mixx Traffic Took A Dive In June

    News aggregator site and Digg-competitor Mixx had a rough June. Traffic to the site took a 68 percent nosedive in the U.S. from May to June, according to comScore (see chart). Compete shows a similar trend. Wondering if Mixx had maybe been paying for traffic and had now stopped, I asked CEO Chris McGill if this was the case. Absolutely not. He replied: “We have never paid for… Read More

  • Mixx Turns To Twitter To Start Surfacing Hot Links, Launches TweetMixx (Invites)

    Mixx, the Digg-like site that got a total makeover earlier this year, is launching a new site today that takes a different approach to surfacing hot links: Twitter. The site is fittingly called TweetMixx , and it’s currently in private beta. TechCrunch readers can grab one of 1000 invites by going here and using the following credentials: username=techcrunch… Read More

  • Mixx Experiments With New Advertising Feedback Platform Called Sifter

    Mixx, a Digg-like site that lets users vote to push news stories and other bookmarked content to the home page, is experimenting with an innovative new advertising platform called Mixx Sifter. Frankly, and we’ve written this before with other Mixx features, this is something Digg should have done. The idea is to get the Mixx community to give direct feedback on advertising. The better… Read More

  • Mixx Still Growing (But Not Fast Enough), Relaunches Website

    Mixx is steadily growing, and they’re hoping to spur even greater traffic increases with a completely revamped website. But every social news service is showing growth, and Mixx actually appears to be lagging if you compare publicly available data. Last time we wrote about Mixx, they were touting healthy traffic numbers and boasting the fact that Hitwise report suggested that its users… Read More

  • Mixx Growing Fast, But Are They Really More Mainstream Than Digg?

    Social news community Mixx is seeing healthy growth ever since they left stealth mode. They got a nice traffic spike last May after CNN integrated ‘Mixx it’ buttons in their articles, roughly doubling their number of unique monthly visitors to nearly 1 million, and it appears their new community building features aren’t hurting them either. A screenshot from their Google… Read More

  • Mixx Gets Serious About Community Building

    Digg competitor Mixx just launched an extension to its groups feature that founder Chris McGill describes as “Ning for social media”. Users can now set up Mixx community sites on their own subdomains (see ours here). Administrators have the power to brand them visually, post editorial content, and even make some revenue off advertisements. Others can join as members and begin… Read More

  • The CNN.com Effect: Mixx More Than Doubles Visitors in May To Nearly One Million

    May was a good month for social-news site Mixx. At the beginning of the month, CNN.com put “Mixx it” buttons at the end of every article on its site. Consequently, the number of unique visitors to Mixx more than doubled from 380,000 in April to 904,000 in May. To put that into perspective, only 2.4 million people have ever visited Mixx since it launched in September, 2007. In… Read More

  • CNN.com Adds Mixx To Its Mix Of Bookmarking Buttons

    Digg competitor Mixx landed another big distribution deal. CNN.com will be adding a “Mixx It” button after every article on the site. This will be right next to the “e-mail” and “share” buttons. Last March, the Mixx bookmark button was adopted by the New York Times, but only as one of many options. Similarly, when CNN.com readers click on the… Read More

  • Mixx's New Feature Aims To Get Breaking News To Home Page Faster Than Digg

    Mixx, a Digg-like site that ranks news stories based on reader voting, will launch a new “breaking news” feature later today that should get real news onto the home page very, very fast. More on that below. Since launching just last September, Mixx has been on a tear to release new products. Groups came in December, followed by private mail in Februrary. Also in February they… Read More

  • Mixx Gets Credibility Boost From NYTimes

    The New York Times tonight added Mixx bookmarking buttons on its site, which is an important milestone for the company. Facebook, Digg and Yahoo Buzz are the only other third party social bookmarking services that are offered. The NYTimes doesn’t include well known and more established services like Delicious, Reddit and others on its pages (Delicious was bumped for Mixx). And since Mixx… Read More

  • Digg Competitor Mixx Takes $2 Million Series A1

    Social voting outfit Mixx has taken $2 million Series A1 in a round led by existing investor InterSouth Partners. Mixx offers a category based social voting service that competes with sites such as Digg, Reddit and Propeller. McLean, Virginia based Mixx was launched in September 2007 with talent including former executives from Yahoo!, AOL, USA TODAY and The Associated Press. The company… Read More

  • Mixx To Cluster Related Stories – Digg Should Have Done This

    Digg competitor Mixx continues to impress us with new features (although the exodus of Digg users to them may have been short lived). A new feature launches this week on Mixx called Related Items. It solves a common problem found on Digg and other sites where multiple articles on the same story compete with each other to get to the home page. One person may submit a story from USAToday. Read More

  • Do Social News Sites Need Private Mail? Mixx Thinks So.

    Why is it so hard to contact people on some social media sites? On Digg, for instance, you can send members a “Shout” that typically appears as a public comment on their profile page, but you cannot send a private message. Mixx, a Digg clone that we like, is adding private mail and group message boards to its site tomorrow. Members will be able to send mail to any other member… Read More

  • Reddit Adds Ability to Create Your Own "Reddits"

    According to a company blog post, social news site Reddit has launched, in closed beta, the ability for users to create their own “reddits”. The new feature will eventually allow all users to create their own social news lists for chosen topics. These customized reddits will come in three flavors: public, restricted, and private. If you set up a public reddit, every Reddit user will… Read More

  • Mixx Democratizes Categories: Something Digg Should Have

    In late November I wrote that Digg is still the best online social news voting site online, but upstart Mixx is trying very hard to change this. Mixx has added groups to their social voting service. The new feature allows for the creation of public groups based on topic area, allowing for free and open categorization of news. For example Mixx users could start a Ron Paul group that only… Read More

  • LA Times Takes A Stake In Mixx

    The LA Times has taken a stake in social news voting site Mixx. Virginia based Mixx launched into private beta in September and has been gaining positive reviews, with Michael Arrington noting recently that the site had been gaining “refugees” from Digg. The company has a strong pedigree with founder Chris McGill having previously been the General Manager of Yahoo News and more… Read More

  • Why Digg Is Still The Best

    Michael Arrington wrote on Saturday about a new Digg competitor called Mixx, and how it was attracting “Digg Refugees.” Digg clones or similar social voting sites are far from new, but given this new competition does Digg still come out on top? Since reading Michael’s post I’ve spent time using several Digg-style sites to see if I could find the… Read More

  • Digg Refugees May Be Heading To Mixx

    New startup Mixx, which went in to private beta just two months ago, may be finding itself with the right product at the right time. Digg users, including top contributors, are showing an increasing amount of frustration with the Digg community, and many are leaving. Conspiracy theories that Digg auto buries stories with certain topics or linking to certain sites only compounds the… Read More

  • Stealthy Startup Mixx Launches Into Private Beta

    Mixx is a startup we’ve been watching for the last few weeks. They’ve been extremely quiet about their service until very recently. And since they are located well outside of Silicon Valley, in Virginia, they’ve been able to stay below the radar despite their high profile founder: Chris McGill, formerly the General Manager of Yahoo News and more recently the VP Strategy at… Read More