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  • Real-life Mirror's Edge: parkour with handheld camera

    If you were one of the few people who both liked Mirror’s Edge and didn’t get motion sickness (I consider myself one), then you may proceed to watching the video. If not, you might want to skip it, or at least get yourself in the mood by watching some speed runs. After that, you will probably be ready to watch this parkour expert do a bit of free running with a camera in-hand. Read More

  • Why Mirror's Edge is so good: You're in the game and you're vomiting

    Clive “The Animal” Thompson wrote an interesting analysis of Mirror’s Edge. The game is essentially a parkour simulator that gives the illusion that you, inside your character, are actually running, jumping, and rolling over things in the real world. Read More

  • Mirror's Edge launch dates announced, Time Trial mode detailed

    It seems the rumors from yesterday about ME for the PC slipping to 2009 are true, but console owners will only have to wait till November 11th. EA and DICE announced today that a demo will be released prior to launch for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, which will feature the prologue, tutorial and a portion of single-player story mode. If you’re feeling super anxious then you can pre-order… Read More

  • Mirror's Edge PC to be pushed to 2009?

    How weak is this? People are saying that Mirror’s Edge might be scooting out to a post-holiday release. Why, you ask? So the consoles can get a head start, I suppose. Maybe DICE wants to keep PC sales low so they don’t have to make a PC version next time. Maybe that’s a little too nefarious even for a big developer. Well, let’s hope all these rumors mean is that… Read More

  • PS3 Mirror's Edge to get exclusive DLC; how is this good for gamers?

    So a spokesman for Sony cleared up some stuff today, including the rumor that Mirror’s Edge would be released on PS3 first (not true). He also mentioned something interesting — and irking: “PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title. Exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network.” So what you’re telling… Read More

  • NVISION08: Mirror's Edge for PC hands-on

    I snuck onto the floor at NVISION08 a bit before the doors opened and, while most people were still setting up and not looking to talk, the folks from EA/Dice had just finished setting up the booth for PC version of Mirror’s Edge. Having watched a number of demo videos and developer walk through for Mirror’s Edge, I had always wondered how well the controls would work mapped out… Read More

  • More Mirror's Edge footage, ah jeah

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=38690 Looks sweet to me. I’m skeptical about the “runner vision” thing that highlights where to go, but if they can make the hints subtle enough then it’ll just be like Prince of Persia, where you know what you need to do, the hard part is doing it right. It’s nice to see our heroine isn’t bulletproof, either… Read More