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  • Floodgate’s Mike Maples on what makes category kings Crunch Network

    Floodgate’s Mike Maples on what makes category kings

    Category leaders usually capture 70-80 percent of the profits in their market, which is why venture funds need to find them to gain the outsized returns they must generate in order to return their fund. In our latest interview with Mike Maples, founding partner at Floodgate, we discover the characteristics of these category kings and how they change consumer behavior. Read More

  • Zeplin Raises $1.2M To Sync Designers And Developers With Less Hassle

    Zeplin Raises $1.2M To Sync Designers And Developers With Less Hassle

    When Pelin Kenez and her co-founders were at their previous company, they were constantly moving files between designers and developers. That ended up producing a hassle, with developers having to basically manually pull in elements from the design file. That’s where Zeplin comes in. It uses software to better move files between designers and engineers, and it said it has raised $1.2… Read More

  • Mike Maples Gets On Board Blueseed’s Sea Platform

    Mike Maples Gets On Board Blueseed’s Sea Platform

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, but my guess is if you went around and asked people in the startup community what they thought about Mike Maples at Floodgate, they would describe him as a sensible and successful entrepreneur turned investor and someone you’d most likely be thrilled to have on your team. In my personal opinion as an investor, I think he makes some pretty… Read More

  • Mike Maples: Why I Don't Go for the Flip and the Three Deals that Got Away (TCTV)

    Floodgate’s Mike Maples came in the studio yesterday to pre-tape an episode of Ask a VC, and while we had him here we picked his brain about the state of the venture industry. We started by talking about why his firm, Floodgate, is out of step with the broader Super Angel movement. Not only does Maples not believe you can make money through a spray-and-pray-and-flip approach, he… Read More

  • Angel-Turned-VC Mike Maples: Yes, There’s a Bubble

    The dreaded “B” word is on the tip of many tongues these days. Are we or aren’t we in a bubble? Everybody has an opinion. Yes, Facebook’s valuation lingers around $50 billion, Zynga’s is close to $10 billion, and Twitter is valued at $4.5 billion with comparatively tiny revenues. But do these soaring valuations a bubble make? A couple of weeks ago, Eric… Read More

  • Video Marketing Platform PixelFish Raises $2.1 Million

    Video advertising service Pixelfish has just raised $2.1 million in Series B funding according to a SEC Form D filed today. Combined with a $1.4 million Series A round raised back in February this cash brings the company’s total funding to $3.5 million. Founder John McIntyre won’t give us specific details on the investors in the round other than to say they include himself… Read More

  • Mike Maples: "You Have to Be Willing to Throw it all away" [Video]

    Mike Maples: "You Have to Be Willing to Throw it all away" [Video]

    If you are a entrepreneur– especially a first time entrepreneur or an entrepreneur outside of Silicon Valley– you need to stop what you are doing and watch this video. Yes, it is 45 minutes long. But it’s worth it. Last night at a Founder Institute event, super angel Mike Maples gave a talk about what he calls “pivots” and “thunder lizards.”… Read More

  • Mike Maples Goes Pro As A Venture Capitalist, Launches FLOODGATE

    Mike Maples, one of the co-founders of Motive, has been investing “as a hobby” for the last five years under the banner of Maples Investments. Some hobby: his investments include Twitter, Digg, Chegg, Gowalla, ngmoco, Smule, Kwedit and a dozen or so other well known startups. And he’s already cashed in on a few of those investments by selling some of his stock in… Read More

  • Web Security Firm Dasient To Launch With $2 Million From Maples, Sclavos, And Benhamou

    As more and more applications move to the Web, computer security is increasingly threatened by security holes in Web applications, denial of service attacks on business Websites, and phishing expeditions that spread through social networks. If Twitter can be hacked, so can your company’s Website. A startup called Dasient is preparing to address the new class of security issues arising… Read More