As regulation heats up, will gaming studios’ gamble on loot boxes pay off?

Loot boxes, a way for players to receive random in-game rewards in exchange for real money, have been disparaged for a while now, and they’re now increasingly subject to government scrutiny.

EA: In-Game Ads Not As Fruitful As Micro-Transactions

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/microt.jpg" />It seems like it was only *the day before today* when in-game ads were all the rage. I even remember <a HREF="http://www.cr

Baseball MMOG lets you purchase levels: only $200 for level 99!

So the only baseball-based massively multiplayer game out there is now letting you shell out real life cash for in-game levels, giving you access to better leagues, tournaments, and I imagine making y

Take-Two considering getting into micro-transactions, in-game ads

I feel for the poor publishers, really I do. How to make the big bucks when so many games A: suck and B: cost millions to produce? Some have taken refuge on the rock of microtransactions. From a penny