Microsoft Silverlight

  • A Guide To Following The 2010 Winter Olympics Online

    The 2010 Winter Olympics kick off in Vancouver tonight, and for those of you who can’t be tied to your TV every night to watch the opening and closing ceremonies and competitions, here’s a compilation of sites where you can not only watch video highlights of the events but also see pictures, scores, medal counts and news from the Olympics: Read More

  • TC50: FluidHTML Wants To Rewrite The Web With Flash-like HTML

    Adobe’s Flash product has obviously been an integral part of the web for many years now. But it still has a major weakness when it comes search engines and complexity. While Adobe and others have been working on solutions to make Flash-based website more Google-friendly, they’re still nowhere near as crawl-able as regular HTML-based pages. FluidHTML or “Fhtml” is a… Read More

  • Microsoft Says Silverlight Installed More Than Firefox, Safari and Chrome — Combined

    Microsoft’s Silverlight product is most directly a competitor of Adobe Flash. But that’s not who they’re calling out in some data they sent our way today. Instead, the company (or at least their PR firm) is noting that with 300 million installs of Silverlight 2, the platform is installed on more machines around the world than the web browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome… Read More

  • Linux Can Now Access Silverlight; The Rat Race Between Silverlight and Adobe Flash Continues

    The open-source, Novell-sponsored Mono Project released Moonlight 1.0, which allows Linux desktop users to access Microsoft Silverlight content. Novell’s Moonlight also allows Linux users to access Windows multimedia content, including Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio and MP3 files (all supported through the Microsoft Media Pack). This is one of Microsoft’s first real… Read More

  • TringMe Finds A Way To Make VoIP Calls from Microsoft Silverlight

    Indian start-up TringMe launched a demo of a widget that now allows a user the ability to make a VoIP call from Microsoft Silverlight applications. Silverlight doesn’t allow access to a microphone, thus restricting VoIP calls, so TringMe used a backdoor Flash widget to access the microphone. This could open up the door for Silverlight developers to integrate VoIP in their applications. Read More

  • Adobe AIR Is Flying: 100 Million Installations Accounted For

    Adobe has announced that they’ve recorded 100 million successful installations of Adobe AIR, the company’s cross-platform runtime environment for RIAs, at the same time boasting that the newest version of Adobe Flash Player (10) was installed on over half of computers worldwide in just the first two months of its release. The company made the announcement at the Adobe MAX Japan… Read More

  • Despite NBC's Lameness, You Can Get Full Olympics Video On Your Phone. Skyfire Does Silverlight

    NBC is lame. I’m sorry. They are making it really hard to watch videos of the Olympics anywhere but on their site. That would be fine with me, but as a user with an older Mac, I’m shut out. Their video only works on Windows machines and Intel-powered Macs that support Silverlight 2.0. Yes, I am bitter. And yes, I need to upgrade my computer. (Admitted lameness on my part). … Read More

  • Microsoft Tafiti Is Beautiful, But Will Anyone Use it?

    We’re pretty big fans of Microsoft’s new Silverlight platform. And just about everyone will agree that Tafiti, a new Microsoft search site built on Silverlight, is pretty darn easy on the eyes. They even got the Jackson Fish Market team (they are creating new visually stunning products) to help out on the project. But will many people use it? It still uses Microsoft search, which in… Read More