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David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, explains why the Metal Gear movie died

<img src="" />The <i>Metal Gear</i> movie is not going to happen. We've known this since January, but now some of the folks that were to ha

Someone working on Google Chrome OS must be a big Metal Gear fan!

<img src="" />Sharper eyes than mine have spotted this little easter egg in the Google Chrome OS Demo video that Google published yest

Darn you, Konami: Metal Gear speculation intensifies with updated Web site (Is that Big Boss?)

<img src="" />So what do we make of this? Check out Konami's updated “mystery” Web site, and you'll see a few letters and familiar

Let's speculate: Will Metal Gear be the big E3 story this year?

<img src="" />Will <i>Metal Gear Solid</i> be the big news story to come out of E3 this year? Konami is certainly doing its best to feed th