Let's speculate: Will Metal Gear be the big E3 story this year?


Will Metal Gear Solid be the big news story to come out of E3 this year? Konami is certainly doing its best to feed the hype monster, unnecessary beast that it is, what with this countdown timer it just published. And, of course, as soon as someone publishes a countdown timer, someone else has to deconstruct the flash file(s), ruining the surprise. Long story short: there’s five (5!) countdown clocks, and the first one expires on June 1, the same date as Microsoft’s E3 press conference. So let’s speculate!

That first one, the June 1 date, is obviously an allusion to Metal Gear for the Xbox 360 in some capacity. Now is that Metal Gear Solid 4, or some other game?

Second, the page contains all sorts of keywords such as “MGS” and “NEXT.” That means whatever it is you want it to mean; in the meantime, I’ll continue to listen to a FLAC of Armand Van Helden’s “Mother Earth” on loop, spinning uncontrollably.

There’s also references to “April 2007.” I asked my brother, who’s something of a Metal Gear fan, if that means anything in the series’ lore, and he said, “I don’t know, Metal Gear is hard to follow.” Maybe one of you might know?

Never mind the gigantic “5” that’s visible in the storm clouds. That’s probably just a coding error.

So here’s to 12 days of Metal Gear hype. Lovely.