Pangaea Holdings, developing men’s personal care brands, raises $68M, including minority stake from Eurazeo

Pangaea started with the launch of men’s skincare brand, Lumin, containing natural Korean-based formulations.

How The 49ers Are Using Beacons To Help You Find Hot Dogs And Beer

Enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aruba Networks officially lights up their homegrown beacon network and accompanying smartphone app at Levi’s Stadium today. After having been in “beta” mode for that la

Indoor Mapping Startup Meridian Adds Notification Zones To Their Strategy

Indoor mapping software startup <a target="_blank" href="">Meridian</a>, continues to evolve their product strategy with a recent update to <a href="

Meridian Indoor Navigation Adds Las Vegas Hotels To Client Roster

Starting today, the <a target="_blank" href="">Venetian-Palazzo Casino and Hotel</a> (owned by The Las Vegas Sands Corp.) is beginning to employ an app technology by <a target

A Brave New Push: Urban Airship Brings Location, Context Targeting To Mobile Notifications

At the end of October, <a href="">Urban Airship</a>, the startup that gives developers a simple way to build in-app purchases and push notifications into their mobile apps, acq

Meridian For iPhone: In-store, turn-by-turn maps to merchandise

Before you download Meridian for iPhone, you should know that it probably isn’t going to work in your town just yet, unless of course the town you live in is Portland OR. However, I still recommend

If you think the Meridian F80 was overpriced take a look at their new iPod dock

A few months ago, we told you about the $3,000+ radio from Meridian named the F80. One of the features the F80 was missing was an iPod dock. Well, they are going to fix that problem this August with a

$3,000 Ferrari iPod dock better come with a magnet that attracts a specific part of the female anatomy

Are you stupid? Do you have too much money? Well then get yourself down to Meridian where you can pick up the Meridian F80, an iPod dock that has been sexified with the Ferrari logo. While I agree tha