If you think the Meridian F80 was overpriced take a look at their new iPod dock

A few months ago, we told you about the $3,000+ radio from Meridian named the F80. One of the features the F80 was missing was an iPod dock. Well, they are going to fix that problem this August with a $400 iPod dock named the i80.

Most audiophiles snub the iPod since it plays compressed audio, but Meridian says they can fix that. They say the i80 can process the files from the iPod to reveal more of the recording. This supposedly helps your music sound better.

The i80 will allow you to control the iPod with your F80’s remote or front panel buttons. It will also pull song information and display it on its own OLED screen. Even though this $400 dock has a few neat features, I don’t think any of them justify the price.