• Argentina’s government is wooing entrepreneurs with a new law Crunch Network

    Argentina’s government is wooing entrepreneurs with a new law

    Despite years of economic uncertainties and the lack of a proper legal framework to help promising startups obtain capital, Argentine entrepreneurs are building a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The country is home to many of Latin America’s biggest startup success stories, and with the introduction of one new law, the pathway to success is about to get a whole lot easier. Read More

  • GuiaBolso Brings Mint-style Financial Management To Brazil

    GuiaBolso Brings Mint-style Financial Management To Brazil

    In August a new, homegrown entry raced onto Brazil’s top 10 most downloaded apps. It’s a list usually cluttered by American-made social media, music and gaming apps; but GuiaBolso, a Mint-style personal finance app joined the App Store on July 2 when Brazil was mid-way through a month-long World Cup paralysis and passed Tinder, Facebook and even Whatsapp over the last month to… Read More

  • Is Globant South America's Next IPO?

    There tend to be two types of emerging market tech success stories that get ink, venture capital and revenues from the U.S. The first is the so-called “copycat,” most prevalent amid Chinese Internet companies. The other type are the IT outsourcing firms that multinationals hire to handle anything from annoyingly menial to overly-complex techy projects. These companies built much… Read More

  • MercadoLibre and Why South America Shouldn’t Settle for Quick and Easy

    Back before Brazil was the darling economy of Latin America, all eyes were on Argentina—or at least the dot com “eyeballs” were. In the late 1990s, when VCs, private equity houses and wealthy individuals where throwing Internet money around the globe, Argentina got more than its fair share. The relatively small country was home to the fifth-largest number of registered… Read More