Spot AI emerges from stealth with $22M for a platform to draw out more intelligence from organizations’ basic security videos

Security cameras, for better or for worse, are part and parcel of how many businesses monitor spaces in the workplace for security or operational reasons. Now, a startup is coming out of stealth with

Cisco acquires Modcam to make Meraki smart camera portfolio even smarter

As the Internet of Things proliferates, security cameras are getting smarter. Today, these devices have machine learning capability that helps the camera automatically identify what it’s looking

Sequoia Made $400M From Meraki’s Sale To Cisco, Says Key To Enterprise Investing Is To Stand Back But Stay Committed

Investing in enterprise startups is a long-odds game, but if you play your cards right you can hit the jackpot. That was one of the takeaways of a conversation today between Doug Leone, a partner at s

Cisco Acquires Enterprise Wi-Fi Startup Meraki For $1.2 Billion In Cash

Networking tech giant Cisco has just agreed to acquire <a target="_blank" href="">cloud infrastructure startup Meraki</a>, and my industry sources confirm the purchase price was

You Get A Router! And You Get A Router! Meraki Is Giving Startups $15K In Free Wi-Fi Gear

Meraki wants to celebrate 150 percent revenue growth and its 10,000th customer by bringing Oprah's generosity to networking infrastructure. Now any company with angel, seed, or Series A funding <a tar

Meraki Plans To Conquer Enterprise Wi-Fi, Hire Like Crazy With $40M In New Funding

An all-hands meeting at wireless network provider <a target="_blank" href="">Meraki</a> just closed with a bang: it's raised $40 million and is now looking for a 100,000 square f

Sequoia Leads $15 Million Round In Wireless Networking Company Meraki

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Meraki,</a> the cloud-based wireless networking company, has raised $15 million

19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting

<img src="" /> This has been a brutal month or so for tech layoffs. According to our <a href="">Layo

Fon Wants Residents of San Francisco's Castro District to Share Their Wi-Fi

“Give to receive” is the mantra of a new initiative by Spanish startup Fon to bring “free” Wi-Fi to the residents of San Francisco’s Castro District. The plan is the same

Netequality's True Plug And Play WiFi

What do you get when a non-profit company slaps a wireless router inside a casing that plugs into a wall? Plug and play WiFi anyone? Netequality’s new box is designed for low-income families who