• HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers gets a TiVo companion app

    HP keeps the fun rolling with its MediaSmart Windows Home Servers. It’s called the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo, but don’t let the name fool you, it doesn’t directly increase your TiVo’s storage. The app, however, still has some nice features and might be a worthy replacement for the TiVo Desktop program. Read More

  • And the winner of the HP MediaSmart server is…

    Big props goes out to Joe W. for almost correctly guessing the total storage capacity of the CrunchGear staff. His guess of 38.5TB nets him a brand new HP MediaSmart EX495 server. Congrats. Click through to see the total capacity broken down by writer. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HP MediaSmart LX195 for $199

    You better act quick. This deal ends today. But if you really need a smaller WHS for, lets say, backup purchases only, the HP MediaSmart LX195 is perfect and Newegg has it on sale just for you. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HP MediaSmart Home Server for $450

    Amazon has a pretty solid deal on an HP MediaSmart Home Server. Found elsewhere for over $550, you can get your hands on it for $450 until September 3rd. It was briefly priced at $419.99 direct from HP but that deal has expired and it’s now $600. Read More

  • Acer enters the Windows Home Server market, HP should notice

    HP had the Windows Home Server market all to itself until recently. First it was CyberPower, now Acer has entered the market with a small footprint WHS. The Acer Aspire easyStore AH340-UA230N might be the best deal out of all of them though. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1.25TB HP MediaSmart home server for $548

    Costco has a pretty enticing deal for those of you looking for a home media server. You can get the HP EX485 750GB MediaSmart Windows Home Server for $547.99 which includes an extra 500GB Western Digital SATA drive for a grand total of 1.25 terabytes. Read More

  • HP launches a lower price Windows Home Server, the MediaSmart LX195

    HP is really taking the Windows Home Server thing seriously, eh? The company first launched WHS systems over a year and a half ago and we are already on the second generation. This time around though, HP is launching the MediaSmart LX195, which comes in at a lower price, but does sacrifice a bit to get there. That’s fine with me though. Leaked info about this server appeared a few weeks… Read More

  • HP's LX195 MediaSmart Server leaks out

    It seems that HP has an upcoming MediaSmart Server that’s a tad different than the current models. Specific details aren’t available just yet besides what is shown by the pic. But, we’re mighty good at speculating based on a couple of images. Read More

  • HP's new MediaSmart NAS lets Apple in on the party

    We just reviewed and gave away one of these things, and now they’re dropping a new one! Well, that’s the business we’re in. The new HP MediaSmart server works with both Windows and OS X, so if you’re on a mac and don’t want to pay a premium for a brushed-aluminum NAS, this may be your lucky day. Read More

  • Winner of the HP MediaSmart Server Giveaway

    A big congrats goes out out to Ryan Cello for winning the MediaSmart Server from our random drawing. Everyday I wake up and do a search for the HP mediasmart home server in hopes that I will find a great christmas deal. I feel like I am in a pit of quicksand and am slowly loosing the battle with my digital media. Between mp3’s flacs’ jpegs, avi’s mp4’s and 4 computers… Read More

  • Don't forget! HP MediaSmart Server giveaway ends in 24 hours!

    This is just a friendly reminder that our contest ends in 24 hours for a 1TB HP MediaSmart Server giveaway. Oh, and yeah, HP is going to provide the winner with a brand-spanking new model so we don’t have to giveaway a used, review unit. 24 hours! Read More

  • Review and Giveaway: HP MediaSmart 1TB Server

    Short version: A pre-built Windows Home Server box that offers a bit more than standard NAS’s. Read More

  • HP killing MediaSmart TV and LCD TV biz

    Didja know that HP sold LCD TVs? Well, they used to at least as the models disappeared off its website a while ago and now Chris Lanier is reporting that the company is focusing on Media Center Extenders rather than the actual TV sets. Apparently Costco is going to handle the closeouts so watch out for some great deals on the decent LCDs. Read More

  • HP MediaSmart servers to work with YouTube

    HP’s MediaSmart Connect receiver will soon be able to tune into something called YouTube, displaying “videos” on HP MediaSmart TVs. The “videos” will be full-screen and hilarious, to be sure. The exact date for YouTube-on-MediaSmart, I’m afraid, wasn’t revealed. Read More

  • HP MediaSmart Server available for pre-order

    Ah Windows Home Server. I’m interested to see how it fares. I am of the opinion that marketing a $500+ home networking storage device to casual consumers is an odd choice. I could be wrong, though. I guess we’ll soon find out. HP’s MediaSmart Server is now available for pre-order on major retailing websites like,,, and the like. There’s… Read More