media centers

  • Plex for Mac OS X adds hardware h.264 video decoding

    Exciting news from Plex, the media center for Mac OS X that won my heart a long time ago. The devs have announced that they’ve integrated Apple’s new video decode acceleration framework into the latest build. In English, that means all h.264-encoded video—and there’s a lot of it out there—can be sent to your GPU for decoding, giving your CPU a bit more breathing room. Read More

  • AppleTV 2.3 nix your Boxee? Follow these complicated instructions to re-install

    As skeptical as I’ve been about AppleTV, Boxee makes it look pretty damn nice. If you’re one of those who tried out this mod but have been left out in the rain by the 2.3 firmware update, this is your chance to get your unrestricted media center on again. They’re working on making the old method of installation work on the new firmware, but until then you can install… Read More

  • Not iPhone: Roku Netflix player software goes open source

    Oh hey there, this should be interesting. Remember the Roku Netflix set-top box that came out a little while ago? Well Roku has just released the code under the GPL, which got the MythTV community buzzing about getting its popular open source media center software onto the Roku box. If you think about it, the $99 box would be a nice little option for running MythTV, as there’s HDMI… Read More

  • XBox Media Center project being developed for OS X

      Waaaaay back in 2002, a little project known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) was developed by a group of open source coders. XBMC ran unsigned on the original Xbox via either a hardware modchip or as a software exploit and replaced the traditional Xbox Dashboard with a media-focused interface. There’s been a Linux version in development since early last year and there’s now… Read More