• Japanese Robot Company Proves Even The Weirdest, Biggest Mechs Can Sell

    Japanese robot venture Sakakibara Kikai is one of the coolest companies I know. Apart from making rather bland industrial robots, Sakakibara Kikai is also developing a range of large-size, mechanical toys and three absolutely awesome “boarding robots”. And unlike most weird robot makers, Sakakibara actually sells the one or the other unit, too. Read More

  • MechWarrior Junior

    Just one more little last-minute costume idea. Happy Halloween, Crunchers!
    Update: ah, here’s that source I was looking for. Read More

  • Bootfighter Windom SP-2: Freeware OS Gundam battle

    Does that sound like a spam headline or what? But it’s exactly what this game is. A freeware mech-duel game like Virtual ON, with the mechs named after various OSes, possibly even with some reason behind each one. If you guys can figure it out, you’re a better man than I. But in any case, now instead of just comparing features, your favorite OSes can battle to the… Read More