Mechanical watches

  • Amazing mechanical watches from history

    I’m a watch fan but I’m mostly ignorant of how progress was made from, say, the Antikythera mechanism to TokyoFlash. As one might expect, there are a ton of one-offs, ingenious ideas, and mechanical indulgences which signalized the advancement of the art of the timepiece. There’s a great list here of some of the most influential watches and watchmakers in history. Read More

  • Opus 8 mechanical digital watch looks cooler than Elvis and Check Berry combined

    I’m in love with mechanical digital watches. They remind me of the high-tech mechanical digital alarm clock my dad still uses, one he’s had since before I was born. This watch, by Harry Winston’s shop, is just amazing. It takes the same idea but adds a nice mix of design and ingenuity that’s just plain awesome. Why this type of push-up digital matrix didn’t catch… Read More