• We Built This SimCity On A Shaky Foundation Of DRM

    We Built This SimCity On A Shaky Foundation Of DRM

    EA’s anticipated SimCity launch has officially become a cavalcade of fail. Amazon is temporarily suspending sales of digital copies of the game in the face of massive negative buyer feedback, with the electronic title managing to accrue an overall rating of one star on the retailer’s site. This comes after EA disabled certain features to try to ease launch woes, and after it… Read More

  • Spore expansion set for November; let the chiseling begin

    As visionary as Will Wright is, I think Spore has been compromised by his commercial sensibilities — or those of Maxis’ marketers. An interesting article in this month’s Seed suggests that the game was originally less commercially viable than it is now, and the original vision was muddied somewhat by the need to reach a wide audience. Unfortunate, but perhaps… Read More

  • Spore reviews are in, Editor's Choice awards all-around

    I may not understand the appeal of Spore but our very own Greglet (Greg Kumparak) had this to say, No matter what anyone says, Spore will be successful. It’ll sell a shit ton of copies, and eat thousands upon thousands of hours that would be better focused on the real world. Gaming editors around the country seem to agree and have given the EA title favorable scores. IGN’s Jason… Read More