Matsushita aka Panasonic Lumix G-series camera will shoot in HD, coming Spring 2009

At a press conference in Japan for the Lumix G1, Matsushita aka Panasonic revealed that an upcoming Lumix G-series will, in fact, shoot in HD. Matsushita claims that the camera will be a ‘world&

Clarification: Matsushita would now like to be called Panasonic

Cross-section of the G1 is on the right Confused by the recent double posting of the Lumix DMC-G1? You know, the world’s smallest DSLR. Well, today in Japan, Matsushita officially announced that

Matsushita says it has the smallest DSLR yet; watch out Olympus

As is often the case in the tech world — and more so than ever in the realm of digital cameras, where smaller is almost always better — a world record has been superceded in a matter of months. Ac

Europe finally gets Sony's mini OLED-TV XEL-1

According to information the Nikkei, Japan’s largest business daily, spread today, Sony will finally start selling its XEL-1 mini OLED TV in Europe “sometime next year”. The device m

Panasonic to sell 40-inch OLED TVs by 2011

Samsung’s 31-inch OLED TV prototype According to reports in Japanese newspapers today, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic) has set internal directives to start offering OLED TVs by 2011.

Panasonic develops a new kind of lighting device, says it will be as important as LED and OLED

Yesterday Matsushita Electric Works (to be branded as Panasonic from October this year) presented [JP] “the world’s first lighting device”, which – in contrast to existing fluoresc

Japanese joint venture project paves way for ultrathin gadgets

A joint venture project carried by a number of Japanese Tech powerhouses like Matsushita, Sharp, Toshiba and Hitachi apparently developed a technology to integrate system chips into LCD panels. Japane

46 Million Nokia Batteries Waiting To Burn Your Face Off

Nokia, you’ve got some explaining to do, rather, Matsushita has a bit of explaining to do over the 46 million batteries that are potential fire hazards. A short circuit in the BL-5C batteries manufa