• This Bear Market, Brought To You By Jack Daniels

    File this one under “Unfortunate Ad Placements.” On a day that the Dow dropped 680 points (7.7 percent), MarketWatch ran the Jack Daniels banner ad in the screenshot above (sent to us by reader Scott Murff). The ad shows the “countdown to the close” of the market in minutes and seconds, suggesting that might be a good time for a drink. Juxtaposed with the… Read More

  • MarketWatch Revamps Stocks Portfolio Tool, Makes Good Use of Ajax

    Dow Jones’ MarketWatch may not display stock information about particular companies as well as its competitors, such as Google Finance, newly redesigned AOL Money & Finance, or even Yahoo Finance, but it has taken the initiative to develop a new portfolio tool that tops them all. Whereas the others’ portfolio tools are still stuck with clunky interfaces that provide… Read More

  • MarketWatch Adds Community Stock Predictor

    Financial news site MarketWatch added a number of new features to their site recently, including a single search box (you no longer need to look up stock symbols separately) and a new user-generated stock price predictor called MarketPerception. The predictor is a small widget included on every stock listing page (example). Users are asked whether the stock will move up or down on the next… Read More