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Smart Cup Pryme Launches To Track Your Hydration, But It Doesn’t Always Work

Mark One, the company behind Vessyl, just launched a smart cup focused solely on hydration. It’s called Pryme, and is available starting today online and in Apple retail stores located in the U.

MarkForged Shows Us 3D-Printed Parts That Even Fezzik Couldn’t Break

At the surface, the products made with a MarkForged Mark One printer don’t look like they’d be very strong. Printed in a crude-looking white and beige filament, the wrenches and tools demo

Felicis, Horizons Ventures Pour $3 Million Into The Vessyl Smart Cup

<a target="_blank" href="">Mark One</a>, the company behind <a href="">t

The Vessyl Is A Smart Cup That Knows Your Body

Have you ever tried to lose weight, taking every precaution to cut down on red meat and cheese and bread and really get healthy, and yet still don't lose a pound? Oftentimes, liquids are the culprit.

3D Printing Goes Carbon Fiber

Meet the <a target="_blank" href="">Mark One</a>. Billed as the world's first desktop printer capable of printing composite materials. For $5,000, you too can make a carbon fiber