Apple releases security updates for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, fixing two actively exploited zero-days

Apple has released security updates for iPhones, iPads and Macs to patch against two vulnerabilities, which the company says are being actively exploited to hack people. The technology giant rolled ou

Children’s tablet has malware and exposes kids’ data, researcher finds

In May this year, Alexis Hancock’s daughter got a children’s tablet for her birthday. Being a security researcher, Hancock was immediately worried. “I looked at it kind of sideways because I&#82

Qakbot hackers are still spamming victims despite FBI takedown

The hackers behind Qakbot, a notorious malware operation that was recently “dismantled” by the FBI, are still active and continue to target new victims, researchers say. The FBI announced in Augus

India warns of malware attacks targeting its Android users

India has warned its citizens of an advanced malware targeting Android users, capable of accessing sensitive data and allowing hackers control over infected devices. The Controller General of Defence

How the FBI took down the notorious Qakbot botnet

A global law enforcement operation this week took down and dismantled the notorious Qakbot botnet, touted as the largest U.S.-led financial and technical disruption of a botnet infrastructure. Qakbot

FBI operation tricked thousands of computers infected by Qakbot into uninstalling the malware

A U.S. government operation has dismantled the infrastructure of the notorious Qakbot malware, which officials say caused “hundreds of millions” of dollars of damage worldwide. In an announcement

Israel cybersecurity agency says no breach after senior official self-infects home PC with malware

Israel’s National Cybersecurity Directorate said there was “no breach” of its network after passwords belonging to a senior agency official were stolen from their home computer earli

Call of Duty worm malware used to hack players exploits years-old bug

For around a month, hackers have been infecting players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with a self-spreading malware, also known as a worm. To do that, the hackers are exploiting a bug that was rep

Hackers are infecting Call of Duty players with a self-spreading malware

Hackers are infecting players of an old Call of Duty game with a worm that spreads automatically in online lobbies, according to two analyses of the malware. On June 26, a user on a Steam forum alerte

Kaspersky says attackers hacked staff iPhones with unknown malware

The Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky said that hackers working for a government targeted several dozen employees’ iPhones with unknown malware. On Thursday, Kaspersky announced the alleged cy

Researchers uncover Russia-linked malware that could immobilize electric grids

Security researchers have discovered new industrial control system malware, dubbed “CosmicEnergy,” which they say could be used to disrupt critical infrastructure systems and electric grids. The m

Popular Android TV boxes sold on Amazon are laced with malware

AllWinner and RockChip might not be household names, but the two China-based companies power several wildly popular Android TV boxes that are sold on Amazon. These Android-powered television set-top b

Hackers stole passwords of Worldcoin Orb operators

Hackers have installed password-stealing malware on the devices of multiple Worldcoin Orb operators, TechCrunch has learned, giving them full access to the Worldcoin operator dashboard. Worldcoin, fou

How the US dismantled a malware network used by Russian spies to steal government secrets

The U.S. government said it has disrupted a long-running Russian cyber espionage campaign that stole sensitive information from the U.S. and NATO governments, an operation that took the feds almost 20

Hacked verified Facebook pages impersonating Meta are buying ads from Meta

Sketchy Facebook pages impersonating businesses are nothing new, but a flurry of recent scams is particularly brazen. A handful of verified Facebook pages were hacked recently and spotted slinging lik

Hackers are increasingly using ChatGPT lures to spread malware on Facebook

As public interest in generative AI chatbots grows, hackers are increasingly using ChatGPT-themed lures to spread malware across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. That’s according to Facebook&#8

Google disrupts malware that steals sensitive data from Chrome users

Google has disrupted infrastructure linked to the notorious CryptBot malware, which the company claims has stolen data from hundreds of thousands of browser users in the past year alone. CryptBot is m

Russian hackers exploit six-year-old Cisco flaw to target US government agencies

APT28, a state-sponsored hacking group operated by Russian military intelligence, is exploiting a six-year-old vulnerability in Cisco routers to deploy malware and carry out surveillance, according to

Apple’s high security mode blocked NSO spyware, researchers say

Last year, Apple launched a new feature for iPhone users who are worried about getting targeted with sophisticated spyware, such as journalists or human rights defenders. Now, researchers say they hav

Google flags apps made by popular Chinese e-commerce giant as malware

Several apps made by Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo were flagged as malicious and dangerous by Google.
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