• New Video Discovery Site Promises To Make a Rippol In The Stream (1,000 Beta Invites)

    The last thing the world needs is another video site, right? Well, that’s not stopping Aaron Crayford, who convinced a bunch of his supercomputer engineer buddies to put together Rippol, a video discovery site that blends hardcore machine learning with social streams. Rippol (not to be confused with rrripple, the media sharing site) is coming out of stealth today into private beta. Be… Read More

  • Microsoft Reports Pre-Windows 7 Declines For Revenues And Profits. No More Excuses.

    Microsoft announced another down quarter this morning. Revenues in the September quarter were down 14 percent to $12.92 billion, and net profits declined even further to $3.57 billion, or $0.40 a share. The consensus estimate was $0.32, so Wall Street is happy and the shares are rallying (up 10 percent in early-morning trading). Investors will forgive the poor performance coming out of… Read More

  • Unleashes Its Directory Of Hot Video Content To The Masses

    Last May, we got our first taste of, the new video portal to come from Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron. We’ve been tracking the site since then, and it appeared at our Real-Time Crunchup last month, but it’s remained in private beta. Today, finally opens up to the public. As we’ve noted before, most people will use as a great place to kill time. The… Read More

  • Bubbles Up 300 Invites For TechCrunch Readers

    Last May we got our first taste of, Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron’s new online video startup that looks to help surface interesting new videos in real-time. The site is still in private beta as it continues to introduce new features (it was pretty bare bones last time I tried it out, but has improved significantly since), and today it’s opening up 300 invites to… Read More

  • Our First Taste Of Magma

    A few weeks ago Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron gave us a glimpse of his next project: a new video portal with an emphasis on analytics and social interaction, dubbed But aside from some nifty screen shots, nobody has really gotten a chance to play around with the site until now. Earlier this evening Baron included us in a small batch of new users invited to try out the site, and… Read More