Unleashes Its Directory Of Hot Video Content To The Masses

Last May, we got our first taste of, the new video portal to come from Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron. We’ve been tracking the site since then, and it appeared at our Real-Time Crunchup last month, but it’s remained in private beta. Today, finally opens up to the public.

As we’ve noted before, most people will use as a great place to kill time. The site presents users with around one hundred video thumbnails on a single page, with hot videos from Twitter, YouTube, Digg, a variety of other services and the web at large. But despite a wide selection of content, the site manages not to overwhelm users. also has a heavy emphasis on stat tracking (you can watch a ticker count up as more people watch a certain video). There’s also a strong discovery component that lets you see videos other members on the site are recommending.