Elmodis raises a $4.9M round to find the soul of a new machine

Like the boy in Iron Giant, Elmodis watches massive machines to ensure they don’t break or, worse, hurt people. The company recently raised $4.9 million to manage this task in addition to their

Crunch Report | Tech Execs Are Matching Donations to ACLU

Tech execs are matching donations to the ACLU, Starbucks unveils a virtual assistant, Dropbox touts a $1 billion revenue run rate, robots are making coffee and Fitbit cuts six percent of its workforce

The first perpetual mechanical timepiece: Cabestan Sol Invictus

<img src="" />Even discounting the fact that this is a watch, this is just an amazing little piece of machinery. The S

Nail Art Machine: Manicure "vending" machine

<img src="" /> As everybody knows, Japan is the land of <a href="">vending machine

New machine turns office waste into toilet paper – right in the office

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based <a href="">Nakabayashi</a> offers everything from bookb

Video: Marble spitting machine

This thing really freaks me out, but I can’t stop watching it.

When Godzilla Needs A Margarita…

I’d like you to meet Don. Don is Sara’s uncle and he’s a bit of a kooky tinkerer and enjoys building things. Don has a passion for Jimmy Buffet and margaritas, so he built the world&