• An Exhausting, Continuous Review Of The Leica M9

    Our own review of the M9 pales in comparison to thislabor of love by Thorsten Overgaard who has been shooting with the storied digital since 2009 and continuously updates his post with commentary, pictures, and advice. Not only is he a great, quirky photographer he writes passionately about the places he visits and, most important, the camera itself. Read More

  • How Leicas Are Born

    It’s not every day you see how the sausage is made. This is how Leica puts together their famous M9 camera – by hand, all done by men in white lab coats. It’s an impressive bit of engineering to be sure and pricing aside, this is an incredible camera. Click through for one more walk-through video. Read More

  • Meizu M9 Clear For Takeoff

    Here at MobileCrunch, we like to keep a watchful eye over what’s going on with the Meizu M9. Not because we’re actually interested in owning the phone, mind you (the onslaught of Android phones is already overwhelming without having to turn to the stuff coming out of China), but because these are the guys that got sued by Apple for building an iPhone clone, and now are trying to… Read More

  • Hands-on With Leica's 2010 Line-Up

    We didn’t get a chance to go out to Photokina this year so Photokina – or at least Leica’s portion of it – came to us. I got a closer look at four of Leica’s new cameras, the all-black X1, the DLUX 5, and the V-LUX 2 along with the new Titanium M9, one of the most outlandish cameras I’ve seen in a while. The V-LUX 2 is Leica’s ultrazoom priced at $849… Read More

  • Titanium Leica M9 Is Titanium

    Honestly. At this point these people are just releasing a new finish for each of their cameras every few months and seeing who bites. Personally, I don’t have enough cash to be dropping used-car cash on a camera, though I might make an exception for Fujifilm’s FinePix X100, which can truly be said to be fine — in the flyest sense of the word. [image: David Farkas; via… Read More

  • Review: Leica M9

    This review is by photographer Rich Svinkin. “Nice Equipment.” It took a second to process that the wedding photographer was talking about my camera. It was the shock of phrasing, not the awe displayed, that startled me. When I’m carrying this beauty around I get stopped by strangers all the time. Camera junkies are boundary blind like dog lovers. And like a champion breed… Read More

  • Hands-on with the new Leica line: Sexytime

    Say what you want about Leica but they make some beautiful glass and some great cameras. Today I saw the 18-megapixel M9 (New Yorkers take note: Leica will have loaner units at the New York Photo Festival), the 12-megapixel X1, and the brand new V-LUX 20. I didn’t get a chance to shoot much but from what I saw the manual controls on the X1 are excellent and its designed primarily as… Read More

  • Leica comes clean, announces the M9 and X1

    Finally. It seems like there have been a dozen leaks about the Leica M9 and X1 the last couple of weeks, but they are finally announced. It’s too bad that the leaks killed all the fun and announced everything already though. The new M9, which should be available this week, features a very similar body as the M8, but now rocks a 18MP full frame CCD sensor along new button placement for… Read More

  • The Leica M9 leaks out early which is probably for the best

    Leica has a big event scheduled for this Wednesday where the M9 was likely going to be announced. But it just so happens that Apple also has a presser booked for the same day, along with a bunch of companies at the audio video expo, CEDIA. So it’s probably best for Leica that a Photography Bay tipster sent the site an official-looking brochure that lists all the specs of unannounced M9. Read More