Watch This Amazing Fan-Made Star Wars TIE Fighter Short Film

If you’re excited about the forthcoming cinematic universe Disney appears to be planning around Star Wars, then this amazing seven-and-a-half-minute short created by a fan over four years should

GOG Brings X-Wing, Tie Fighter And Other LucasArts Classics To Your Modern PC

Vintage gaming specialists GOG have outdone themselves this time, with the launch of LucasArts classics including the Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter games. These dog-fighting ‘simulators&#8217

LucasArts will show some Star Wars love at San Diego Comic Con

<img src="" />The San Diego Comic Con is next week, and there's bound to be more than a few video game announcements worth paying attention

Good deal: Plenty of those LucasArts games are $5 on Steam

<img src="" />You'll find that most of the games that LucasArts just made available on Steam are no more than $4.99. (<i>Battlefront I

Yup, a bunch of old LucasArts games, including Loom, will be on Steam

<img src="" />The rumors were swirling, swirling! But they're no longer rumors, now are they? I'm talking, of course, about LucasArts' huge

Good heavens, what is LucasArts going to announce tomorrow?

<img src="" />Alert the media! LucasArts' official Twitter feed has been tweeting non-stop about... something! It looks like the co

PhoneSaber returns to the App Store as Lightsaber Unleashed

After disappearing off the app store for just over a month following an amicable take down request by THQ Wireless/LucasArts, the iPhone lightsaber simulator PhoneSaber has returned. Its got a new nam

New SIXAXIS Design Leaked?

If you mosey on over to the Official Star Wars: Force Unleashed website, you’ll see a tidbit about info and a picture of the gamebox for the PS3 and Xbox 360. You can make out two things from th