• Watch This Amazing Fan-Made Star Wars TIE Fighter Short Film

    Watch This Amazing Fan-Made Star Wars TIE Fighter Short Film

    If you’re excited about the forthcoming cinematic universe Disney appears to be planning around Star Wars, then this amazing seven-and-a-half-minute short created by a fan over four years should do a lot to help tide you over. The animated film was created by Paul Michael Johnson, and animated in the style of epic 80s anime series’ like Mobile Suit Gundam, Patlabor and many… Read More

  • GOG Brings X-Wing, Tie Fighter And Other LucasArts Classics To Your Modern PC

    GOG Brings X-Wing, Tie Fighter And Other LucasArts Classics To Your Modern PC

    Vintage gaming specialists GOG have outdone themselves this time, with the launch of LucasArts classics including the Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter games. These dog-fighting ‘simulators’ (in so far as it’s actually possible to simulate an experience that can’t be had in real life) occupied so much of my youth that they probably legally qualify as my parents, or at… Read More

  • LucasArts will show some Star Wars love at San Diego Comic Con

    The San Diego Comic Con is next week, and there’s bound to be more than a few video game announcements worth paying attention to. Chief among them, maybe: what’s LucasArts up to? The company has sent an e-mail with the phrase that pays: “There will be several world exclusive announcements at the Star Wars Spectacular keynote.” Read More

  • Good deal: Plenty of those LucasArts games are $5 on Steam

    You’ll find that most of the games that LucasArts just made available on Steam are no more than $4.99. (Battlefront II and Thrillville: Off the Rails are the most expense at $19.99.) The full list? Sure, why not? Read More

  • Yup, a bunch of old LucasArts games, including Loom, will be on Steam

    The rumors were swirling, swirling! But they’re no longer rumors, now are they? I’m talking, of course, about LucasArts’ huge announcement that they just made: a whole bunch of their old games will be available on Steam beginning on Wednesday. Read More

  • Good heavens, what is LucasArts going to announce tomorrow?

    Alert the media! LucasArts’ official Twitter feed has been tweeting non-stop about… something! It looks like the company is poised to announce a new game based on an old game/franchise tomorrow, July 6. Read More

  • PhoneSaber returns to the App Store as Lightsaber Unleashed

    After disappearing off the app store for just over a month following an amicable take down request by THQ Wireless/LucasArts, the iPhone lightsaber simulator PhoneSaber has returned. Its got a new name and a new look, but all of the accelerometer based lightsaber swinging good times remain. Rather than being lame and just yanking the idea for themselves, THQ Wireless brought the original… Read More

  • New SIXAXIS Design Leaked?

    If you mosey on over to the Official Star Wars: Force Unleashed website, you’ll see a tidbit about info and a picture of the gamebox for the PS3 and Xbox 360. You can make out two things from this image: 1. It will be Xbox Live compatible
    2. Is that a re-designed SIXAXIS controller? The one with rumble features? It could be. The biggest giveaway is the swap the d-pad had with the… Read More