Lovely is finally shipping the Fitbit for sexy times

Do you and your partner often do sex? Do you want to know how much sex you’re doing? And do you want to know how good it is and how good it could be? What is sex? Does anyone know? Can Lovely he

TPG’s RentPath Buys Lovely For $13M To Expand From Property Search Into Full Rental Services

Some more consolidation afoot in the online property space. <a target="_blank" href="">RentPath</a> -- a search company focused on the property vertical that owns properties lik

Lovely’s Apartment Rental App Moves Into Its New Digs On Android

Few things in life are more frustrating that trying to find a new place to live (especially if you're itching to move to the housing market hellholes that are New York City and San Francisco). It's no

Lovely, The Apartment Rentals Site, Raises More Funding And Buys Rentmatic To Add Payments

<a target="_blank" href="">Lovely</a>, the site that aggregates home rental listings, is today moving up from studio to duplex status. The startup is announcing its first acqu

With 4M Apartment Rentals Viewed On Its Site, Lovely Is Breaking Free Of Litigious Craigslist And Raising A Series A

<a target="_blank" href="">Lovely</a>, the apartment search service that was <a href="

Lovely’s Apartment Search Goes Mobile With Its New iPhone App

Apartment search startup <a target="_blank" href="">Lovely</a> is launching its iPhone app today — the company's first mobile product. Co-founder and CEO Blake Pierson sa

Lovely Goes From Craigslist Target To The Kayak Of Apartment Rentals As It Launches Nationwide

The Craigslist crackdown on usage of its listings data by third parties has had some fairly strong fallout. Some have <a href="

Lovely: A Sleek Tool To Make Your Apartment Search Slightly Less Painful

The words "I'm thinking of moving to a new place" are apparently imbued with dark magic. Utter them, and you're well on your way to countless headaches, tedious searches, and unanswered phone calls. Y