LoopMe Closes $7M For AI-driven Video Ad Optimisation Platform

Way back in 2013 LoopMe attempted to solve the problem of intrusive ads on a mobile screen by consolidating them into an “ad inbox” that the user would access through a small button. They raised a

LoopMe Closes $3M From Holtzbrinck, Open Ocean For Its Mobile Ad In-Box

So, we know developers and publishers make money from apps and other mobile content often via advertising. But smartphone screens are small, so ads have to be small. And ad formats vary widely. LoopMe

LoopMe Wants Less Noise In Mobile Ads, Gets $500K Seed Round Led By Ex-AdMob MD Russell Buckley For Its Inbox Solution

Advertising has been one of the chief routes for developers and publishers to make money from apps and other mobile content, but there is (literally) a small problem: Handset screens have a finite amo