• Under Ex-Googler CEO, LiveJournal Gets A Revamp, Promises New Services, Apps And More In 2014

    Under Ex-Googler CEO, LiveJournal Gets A Revamp, Promises New Services, Apps And More In 2014

    LiveJournal wants to matter again, and is making a number of changes over the course of 2014 which the company hopes will make it a more relevant social networking destination, starting with a major revamp of its homepage and user interface, rolled out into beta just yesterday. On the horizon, the company is also promising several new services as well as new mobile apps, in an overarching… Read More

  • Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut?

    Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut?

    So. Facebook. $35 billion valuation; 600 million users; 25% of all US Web traffic — and all that with fewer employees than Google has job openings. The inventor of the World Wide Web recently warned that the web may be endangered by Facebook’s colossal walled garden. A Google engineer was recently paid $3.5 million to not jump ship to work there. Facebook seems an unstoppable… Read More

  • LiveJournal Users Can Now Make Money With Google AdSense, If They Pay Up First

    It’s notoriously hard for bloggers with a limited audience to monetize the traffic generated by the content they self-publish, and LiveJournal users are no exception. Now LiveJournal has added a program dubbed ‘Your Journal – Your Money’ which should help users monetize their blogs or journals using Google AdSense. Important caveat: only users with paid accounts are… Read More

  • Twitter Outage Moves Into Day 2

    Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal spent yesterday battling a DDOS attack that started around 6 am California time. Twitter and LiveJournal went down hard, Facebook stayed mostly online but was clearly under strain. CNET reports that a single individual’s accounts on the services may have been the primary target. Now, nearly 24 hours later, Facebook and LiveJournal appear to be… Read More

  • Six Apart Sells LiveJournal To Russia's SUP

    Six Apart has sold its hosting blogging platform LiveJournal, which it acquired in January 2005, to Moscow-headquarted SUP (pronounced “soup”), the company said this evening. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. SUP previously acquired licensing rights in October 2006 permitting them to manage LiveJournal in Russia, where the platform dominates blogging culture. “This allows… Read More

  • LiveJournal pushes ad sponsored communities, features

    LiveJournal just announced that they will soon begin offering sponsored communities with benefits to participating users and sponsored features provided by companies other than LiveJournal. The SixApart owned social networking site has slowly rolled these plans out over recent months but just made the official announcement tonight. Early feedback from users is decidedly negative. Update… Read More