• Live Messenger Opens to Public

    The Windows Live Messenger, previously available by invitation only (sort of), is open to the public starting at 9 pm PST tonight (Monday). It is available for Windows PCs only, must be downloaded with IE (no Firefox), and is available at Karin Muskopf, the product manager for MSN and Windows Live Messenger, gave me a brief overview of the new features earlier today. Live… Read More

  • Microsoft QnA Enters Crowded Market

    More Microsoft news today: has announced the upcoming launch of QnA, and a few screen shots have been conveniently leaked as well (see end of post). QnA is a question and answer service that looks like it will be a very close copy of Yahoo Answers. Google’s comparable service, Google Answers, relies on paid experts to generate answers. Microsoft QnA and Yahoo Answers, in… Read More

  • Microsoft Quietly Launches Froogle Competitor

    Microsoft Live Products launched today at They’ve included retail products from 100,000 sellers. Like Froogle, Live Products is a commerce-only search engine/shopping comparison engine that will, hopefully, give users more relevant results when looking to buy items online. Like Froogle, Live Products does not take payment from merchants for appearing within search… Read More

  • Microsoft Live Shopping Launches – But No Firefox Shopping launched today (official blog post), and all I see is a big message saying they don’t support Firefox. It doesn’t work with Safari or Opera either (same Firefox error message for all non IE browsers). The entire Mac audience has been shut out of Live Shopping. I’ll fire up my Windows machine to test it out later. In general, Microsoft has been good about… Read More

  • Microsoft Live Drive may launch before GDrive

    Microsoft is building an online storage service, code named Live Drive, says Ray Ozzie in an interview with Fortune: Microsoft is planning to use its server farms to offer anyone huge amounts of online storage of digital data. It even has a name for that future service: Live Drive. With Live Drive, all your information – movies, music, tax information, a high-definition videoconference… Read More

  • Academic Search to Launch Tonight

    Sometime after midnight PST academic search for will be launched at The landing page is there now, although the search results actually point to normal search until the overnight change. To see what the actual results look like, see Kevin Briody’s screen shot here. Welcome to Windows Live Academic Windows Live Academic is now in beta. We currently… Read More

  • Google v. Microsoft: New Search Interfaces

    Google and Microsoft both have new search interfaces in beta. Google is testing a new “green bars” interface to the left of search results, allowing easy linking to search results for the web, images, groups, froogle and local. The green bar is an indication of what appears to be a result count. Microsoft, through, is beta testing a new search interface that includes… Read More

  • New Look, Features for rolled out a new toolbar and website feature today, and the site has a somewhat better look and feel. New features include the ability to have multiple pages (a good thing), enhanced search, new themes to choose from and more. Richard MacManus has more details. Search has also been significantly enhanced. clearly has the best image search on the web now (both results and UI). Read More

  • Microsoft Expo Launches

    Microsoft continues to roll out new services today. In addition to Street-Side, Microsoft just took the protection off of its much anticipated Expo classified listing service. See my previous posts on Expo for additional information and screen shots. Expo is centered on the idea that people will trust others within a group, and so is allowing classifieds networks within groups. Users… Read More

  • Killer New Service: Street-Side

    Microsoft’s is launching a preview version of a new service called Street-Side today (link will be live around 12 PST today). Street-Side will augment the Live Local service and give street level views of the entire city. Searches can be made by address or business name, and you can “drive” around the city using the arrow keys. See the screen shot below for a… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Live goes into Beta

    Microsoft Office Live went into beta today. The service was first revealed at a Microsoft event last fall – you can see my post about it here. This is not an online version of Microsoft Office. It is a set of online tools for businesses to help them have a web and email presence at a very low cost (starting at free with ad support). The core tools are a free non-microsoft domain name… Read More

  • Microsoft Expo Expands Beta

    Microsoft’s new classified product, Expo, has started to roll out additional beta testers. Expo is centered on the idea that people will trust others within a group, and so is allowing classifieds networks within groups. Users can choose to search classifieds just within their immediate instant messaging buddies, or within an email group (such as anyone with a… Read More

  • New Services Shown at SearchChamps

    I am visiting Microsoft HQ in Redmond this week for their SearchChamps event. Attendance requires the signing of an nondisclosure agreement, and most of what is discussed is non-bloggable. However, the trade off is that we see stuff that is still being developed in the labs (some of it isn’t even at the demo-stage yet). A few of the services, however, are close to launch and are not… Read More

  • More Info on Microsoft "Expo" Beta

    Microsoft has renamed its Fremont project to “Expo” and have put up a landing page, complete with a request for email once it launches. They have also included a screenshot: The Expo team, led by Garry Wiseman, has also posted information about the service, which will be tightly integrated with MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces. Listings will be free: What it is
    An online marketplace… Read More

  • Microsoft Live Local to Launch Thursday

    Microsoft will relaunch Virtual Earth tomorrow under, around 9 am PST. This is a continuation of Microsoft’s rebranding campaign to place online consumer services under the brand. Charlene Li had a briefing with Erik Jorgensen, GM of Microsoft’s new Search & Mapping group today and includes additional details on her blog. will also have… Read More

  • Microsoft "Fremont" to Launch

    Microsoft will be beta launching a new web 2.0 service under the brand in the next few weeks. The final name is TDB, but the current project name is “Fremont” and the URL will redirect once its fully live. I had a chance to see a demo of the product – it’s very cool and will definitely shake things up. Read More

  • Windows Live Email Service is a free new email service offered by Microsoft. It’s a simple but very useful tool. And, like Office Live, it is disruptive to the existing domain name registrar market (are they even paying attention?). So the basic service is this: Microsoft will host email and instant messaging for you in a domain you own. Create up to 20 e-mail accounts within your domain Get a 250… Read More

  • Windows Live – More than an AJAX Desktop

    I blogged my raw, unedited notes from the Microsoft press meeting today real time on CrunchNotes. One of the two major announcements was Windows Live (best viewed on IE of course). Office Live was also announced, which I will be writing about later tonight. Windows Live is a free, ad-supported AJAX virtual desktop. Most of the functionality could be seen in the Microsoft sandbox project… Read More

  • Windows Live and Office Live

    Microsoft is announcing Windows Live and Office Live, both online services, right now (10 am PST) at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I am publishing my notes and pictures real time at CrunchNotes. Windows Live is “live” at Read More