Sweeping Changes At It's A Social Network!

<img src='' class="border" alt='' /> Microsoft's portal will change significantly this evening. No longer will it be a simple sea

Microsoft Searches Jump 15% After Live Cashback Launch

This isn’t enough data to declare Microsoft’s much derided Live Cashback search product a winner, but the first full month after it launched (June) shows a 15% gain in search volume v. the

Windows Live For Your Domain

Microsoft has quietly launched a competitor to Google Apps for your domain, Windows Live Community Builder. The service offers customized versions of the Windows Live suite, including email, photo ser

Windows Live Installer Thingy Coming This Week

In June Microsoft said that they would soon be aggregating the Windows Live services into a single downloadable installer to give users an easy way to access the suite of services. Today the New York

New Look & Feel, More Information On Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live Director Tetuya Onoda apparently showed the above and below slides as part of a presentation yesterday to Japanese press. The slide above shows what the personalized home page ma

Time For More Live Drive Online Storage Rumors

Microsoft’s upcoming online storage product, to be called Windows Live Folders (previously known as Live Drive), takes another step towards launch. We’ve been tracking the project for abou

Microsoft Live Spaces Rolls Out New Features

Microsoft Live Spaces (rebranded last summer from MSN Spaces) is rolling out some new features this morning and announcing recent usage updates. The enhancements are aimed at making Live Spaces more o

A Comparison of Live Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail

The Windows Live team announced today that they’re rebranding their new email beta to Windows Live Hotmail. We haven’t written about the application for some time, and this is as good an e

Microsoft Virtual Earth – Now in 3D and With Billboards

Microsoft is unveiling its integration of detailed 3D imagery into its Virtual Earth this afternoon (see US users with Vista-ready Windows computers and IE 6 or 7 will be able to navigate t

Microsoft SoapBox Just Launched

The best way to hear about new Microsoft product launches these days is to read their employees’ blogs. First we had Stuart Padley’s quickly deleted blog post with some additional informat and Yahoo! bulk up for local search brawl

A hefty list of new features were added to Microsoft’s Live Local Search yesterday and just tonight to Yahoo! Local. As both rivals get stronger, you can’t help but wonder what’s goi leaving beta, replacing MSN search

Microsoft just put out a press release announcing the release from beta of Live Search and of in 47 markets worldwide. The release also says that Live Search will now power search on MSN. The

Microsoft YouTube Clone Coming

Microsoft’s new YouTube competitor will be all about user generated videos if its name, Soapbox, is any indication (Hunterstrat calls it “personal whine”). There aren’t many de

Microsoft Cries Foul At Stolen Interface

Microsoft Expo’s project leader, Garry Wiseman, wrote a blog post earlier today criticizing Sina, one of China’s largest search engines, saying “ steals our design and graphi

Windows Live testing video search

Windows is working on some interesting new features in their beta search service, most notably video search. It’s not on the front page yet, but on the section of the site ironically mi

Windows Live Drive Info: Deleted Post From Team Member

Update: Microsoft PR sent me this statement: “Windows Live is a set of services built around people. Our major goal is to unify customers’ worlds so they have access to the people and info

Windows Live Writer

Microsoft launched Windows Live Writer today. This is a free, downloadable application that runs on your Windows PC and allows you to write blog posts. Don’t bother clicking the link if you have

Windows Live Spaces Launches, Replaces MSN Spaces

Tonight at 9 pm PST Microsoft will announce the launch of Windows Live Spaces, a blogging and social networking site on the platform. As Microsoft phases out the MSN brand in favor of

IM interoperability: not just a dream anymore

Microsoft just announced that today marks the first day that interoperability between its IM client and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice is available. Microsoft says this is the first time two distinct, gl

New Features at Local Maps

The online map wars continue to escalate, as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Mapquest compete to release new features – some aimed at usability, and some designed to be just plain sexy. We com
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