• Libya Finds New Way To Cut Off Internet

    Libya Finds New Way To Cut Off Internet

    Here we go again: After a six hour shutdown about two weeks ago, traffic monitors are once again reporting that Libya has lost internet connectivity, most notably that search queries to Google from Libya have flatlined starting around a day ago. Unlike the last time Libya went offline and the process used to shut down the connectivity in Egypt (where Internet service providers simply shut… Read More

  • Regional Provider Says Libya Blocking Voice, Data Services

    Guardian’d You’re a North African dictator with a penchant for “voluptuous” Ukranian nurses. What do you do when your people rebel against your 42-year rule, demanding such things as basic human rights? Why you shut down communication with the outside world, of course. Thuraya, a regional satellite communication provider, has confirmed that its service is being… Read More

  • Libya First to Sign with One Laptop Per Child Initiative

    Remember back in the ’80s when Libya was a rogue nation, bent on war with the US? Not so much anymore. In fact, General el-Qaddafi has ponied up $250 million to make Libya the first nation to close a deal with the One Laptop Per Child program. That includes 1.2 million of the cute little WiFi-having laptops, one for every school kid in Libya. That is awesome. It also includes… Read More