Regional Provider Says Libya Blocking Voice, Data Services

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You’re a North African dictator with a penchant for “voluptuous” Ukranian nurses. What do you do when your people rebel against your 42-year rule, demanding such things as basic human rights? Why you shut down communication with the outside world, of course.

Thuraya, a regional satellite communication provider, has confirmed that its service is being actively jammed inside Libya. The jamming has affected both voice and data services, but voice services are said to be coming back online in recent hours.

Thuraya says it’s considering legal recourse, but what are you going to do, ask the Gaddafi regime to kindly stop jamming? Something tells me they’re not exactly open to such suggestions right now.

This, on the day that international community has stepped up efforts against the Gadaffi regime, with the US freezing some $30 billion (!) in assets.

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