• WGA strike update: Late night shows return, Hulu is still evil

    A quick update on the WGA strike, brought about by the technology that many of us here take for granted. (Reminder: Hulu is evil.) The late night comedy writers came back last night, with Leno and Conan O’Brien returning without WGA writers but with Letterman coming back with a fully decked out WGA staff; both Letterman and Conan have tremendous “Gangs of New York”-style… Read More

  • An Open Letter to Verizon Wireless, From Yours Truly (and David Letterman)

    Dear Verizon Wireless, I know it’s maybe been a tough year, breaking ground on your new 3G network, losing some traction to Sprint and T-Mobile, watching competitor Cingular make inroads towards stealing some of your high-speed data thunder. What you need is some hip, edgy marketing to lift you spirits, and I think Dave Letterman’s crew has just the right idea: I sincerely hope… Read More