law and order

Solve, the startup creating an interactive ‘Law & Order’ for social media, raises $20 million

When “Law & Order” ended its 20-year run in 2010, it had already cemented its place as one of the longest-running television dramas in history. Its success was a testament to the endur

Kid uses GPS to contest speeding ticket

Here’s a fun little story that ought to excite your Freedom Bone. It seems an 18-year-old was recently pulled over for speeding, with police claiming that the lad was 17 mph north of the speed l

Police want you to send in crime tips using text messages

Police departments in the U.S. are increasingly relying upon text message tips to catch bad guys. Boston started doing this a year ago and has received 678 tips. These tips have helped take numerous b

X-Net system stops cars dead in their tracks

Apparently, hitting the “release the marbles” button doesn’t stop cars from careening down a street, escaping Johnny Law after a bank robbery or something along those lines. In respo