Kid uses GPS to contest speeding ticket


Here’s a fun little story that ought to excite your Freedom Bone. It seems an 18-year-old was recently pulled over for speeding, with police claiming that the lad was 17 mph north of the speed limit. An on-board GPS unit disagrees. Yup, the kid had a GPS device(an RMT Rover, seen here) in his car at the time , and its data indicates that he was doing the 45 mph speed limit all the way to his destination.

A police-produced expert claimed that such GPS devices are accurate within a couple of meters and within 1 mph. That certainly seems accurate enough to drag out this case for a little while longer, as both sides argue over who’s technology is more accurate, the radar gun or the GPS device.

And yes, the case will drag on, at least through October, when the judge in the trial hears expert testimony from another GPS expert, presumably Ted the GPS Expert.