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SCINTIREX: Japanese Company Develops Radiation-Detecting Plastic

Japanese chemicals company <a href="">Teijin</a> has <a href="">developed</a> a plastic that emits a blue light

Tommykaira ZZ-EV: Japanese University Venture Shows New Electric Car

<img src="" /> In April this year, a group of graduate school students at Kyoto University <a href="

Handheld X-Ray Device Powered By 2 D Batteries

<img src="" /> Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting that at team of researchers at <a href="">Kyoto

Canon develops X-ray- and pain-free mammogram device

<img src="" /> We don't cover medical technology here on CrunchGear usually, but one of the things Canon is currently working on in

Japan field-tests floating wind turbine

<img src="" /> There can be no doubt "green" energy is becoming <a href="

Japanese researchers work on 1,000-year memory device

<img src="" /> Hard disks and recording media to store data are great and all, but especially for sensitive informat

Robotic noblewoman walks like a lady, retells world's oldest novel Japanese people are proud of the fact that many scientists credit “The Tale of Genji” as the first novel ever written. Now famous Kyoto University spinoff R